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Your Full Guide to The Provence France

Provence France

Provence, in southern France, offers some of the most stunning landscapes and historical sites in the entire country. From rolling hills to beautiful beaches, there’s no shortage of gorgeous scenery in this part of the country. While it’s true that one can’t fit everything into just one trip, Provence does offer plenty of sights and activities for any type of traveler looking to spend some time exploring this vibrant region of France. To get started on your trip planning, check out our guide below on how to plan a trip to Provence and make the most of your stay!


Beautiful countryside of Provence is located in southeastern France. The main city of Marseille will likely be your starting point for exploring all that Provence has to offer. After checking into your accommodations and changing into something more comfortable (you’ll want to get off your feet after long plane rides), it’s time to start exploring! The best way to see Provence is by car; you can find affordable rentals through sites like Expedia or Kayak. If you don’t have a car while you’re visiting, there are plenty of bus tours available as well as day trips from Paris via train or ferry.

What is the Provence Known For?

If you’re looking for a new vacation destination that won’t break your budget, you’ll love Provence. It’s known for its rolling countryside and beautiful scenery. It also happens to be a great location for wine connoisseurs—and is home to some of France’s finest vineyards. The region has a rich history and was once occupied by various civilizations, including Greeks, Romans, and Celts. Today it’s one of France’s most popular tourist destinations; in fact, it attracts more than 10 million visitors each year!

Airports in the Provence:

Provence is easy to get into and out of. There are direct flights from New York and LA, as well as several flights per day from London (although they can be expensive). It’s easiest to fly into Nice Côte d’Azur Airport in Southern France (NCE) — Nice is just a 45-minute drive to Saint-Rémy de Provence. Or you can fly into Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and take a train or bus from there.

Avignon – Provence Airport

The airport of Avignon is conveniently located 4 miles (6.4 km) southeast of Avignon. Shuttle services are available from each terminal; visitors can also take advantage of public buses and taxis. Public transport costs €3 per person and arrives at all major cities in Provence. Taxis cost a flat rate of €20 for up to 4 passengers, plus another €1 per extra passenger. Taxi drivers accept cash only. It’s estimated that traveling by taxi will cost around €50-60 if you’re traveling alone or with one other person. If you’re traveling with two or more people, it may be more convenient to rent a car instead of taking a taxi. A rental car will set you back around €30-40 per day, depending on your choice of vehicle.

Nîmes Alès Camargue Cévennes Airport

Nîmes-Alès-Camargue-Cévennes Airport (ICAO: LFTW) is an airport located in Saint-Martin de Crau, 5.2km from Nîmes and 40km from Alès. It’s a small regional airport that can be used by private aircraft and business jets thanks to its 2 paved runways which measure 2700m in length each. The airport also has two grass runways measuring 2000m and 1200m respectively. Parking facilities are available for both planes and cars, as well as a VIP lounge for passengers with special needs or those who require extra privacy during their stay at Nîmes Alès Camargue Cévennes Airport. If you’re looking for cheap flights to Nîmes Alès Camargue Cévennes Airport, we recommend using Skyscanner’s search tool.

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

It’s probably worth your while to fly into Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE) if you’re visiting. There are plenty of direct flights from several US cities and lots of other European destinations; you can also take a train or drive into town. The airport is about 15 miles from Nice proper, so it’s not very far at all. If you do plan on renting a car, there are three major rental companies with desks in terminal 1: Avis, Europcar and Hertz.

Best city to visit in Provence France

Avignon – Avignon is home to a rich history and hosts over one million tourists each year. Make sure to take advantage of visiting during fete time (July–August), when events are held all across town. A must-see while in Avignon is Pont d’Avignon (the bridge), which was made famous in a popular children’s song. This charming city is an ideal spot for foodies, history buffs and wine lovers alike!


This city is in a valley surrounded by high mountains and has two main districts: Aix which is known for its medieval quarter and large student population and Coteaux which is home to historical buildings. A great place for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and golfing. Or take a trip out of town to visit different villages such as St Remy de Provence or Gorges du Verdon.


France’s second-largest city, Marseille is known for being an artistic capital. Stretching along a natural harbor on both sides of a prominent river estuary in southern France, Marseille has a rich history dating back as far as its founding in 600 B.C. The city’s modern renaissance can be attributed to efforts from local governments and organizations like La Friche Belle de Mai—an arts complex that’s home to more than 40 artists and businesses.


Roussillon- hidden gem

To get a feel for medieval village life, head over to Roussillon. Situated in Southern France and part of Occitanie’s Pyrénées-Orientales département, it is known as La Petite Catalogne (Little Catalonia) because of its distinct Catalan identity. Many travelers enjoy strolling through medieval streets and spending an afternoon sipping rose at one of La Vieille Fontaine’s cafés. The town was once home to famous artists like Matisse and Picasso, who were inspired by its rustic beauty. The Matisse Chapel, designed by Henri Matisse himself, is now a popular tourist attraction. If you are looking for somewhere off the beaten path that still offers plenty of things to do, then Roussillon should be your next destination!

Best Hotels in Provence France:

Regardless of whether you’re on a romantic escape or doing business in Provence, France hotels are plentiful. But with so many options available it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. To make things easier, I’ve put together a list of my top hotels in each category—including what makes them great and how much they cost. Find out where you should stay based on your preferences.

 Aquabella Hotel & Spa

Located on Lake Garde, in Saint-Saturnin-lès-Avignon is a manmade lake with a beach. The hotel is at the north end of it and you can enjoy your lunch on their patio or go for a swim. This hotel has an open air cafe which overlooks a beautiful view of the lake. When you are done swimming you can grab an espresso or indulge in one of their desserts.

Villa Saint Ange

While you can’t do a full tour of Provence in one day (why would you want to?), it’s worth spending a night at La Villa Saint Ange. The views are incredible and their chef is world-renowned. Villa Saint Ange is situated in a tranquil rural setting. The perfect location for those who seek peace and tranquility whilst being close enough to local amenities such as shops and restaurants.  It is also ideally located for exploring many of Provence’s famous attractions including Pont du Gard, Arles Amphitheatre and Les Baux de Provence.

Best Restaurants in Provence france

Le Café du Pont in Avignon :

Le Café du Pont in Avignon is a must for any foodie. The menu changes on a daily basis depending on what ingredients are available from local producers. On Sundays there’s an amazing brunch that should not be missed if you can make it. Make sure you book! Don’t forget about La Baraque à Fromage in Les Baux de Provence – an incredible place where you can select cheese and wine and enjoy with friends in their outdoor garden.

Le Pont de l’Orme, Malaucène:

The Pont de l’Orme is a must-see attraction in Vaucluse. From here you can take in a beautiful view of hills and canyons and all that is magical about Vaucluse. To visit Le Pont de l’Orme, start at Orgon where there are a variety of shops and restaurants. Then make your way toward Malaucène following signs for Le Pont de l’Orme.

La Boîte à Sardine, Marseille

Sardines are a small fish with an illustrious history and are often served in cans. The small size is great for portion control; however, their metallic taste can be off-putting. If you’re not a fan of sardines or don’t have time to work with fresh sardines from a market near you, you can purchase canned ones instead.

Some of our Favourite Provence Foods

Salade Niçoise:

Niçoise salad is prepared with potatoes and tuna. The salad also contains green beans, olives and sometimes anchovies or sardines. It can be served warm or cold. Ratatouille: A traditional vegetable stew from Provence containing eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes, among other vegetables. Beef daube: A stew made from beef braised in red wine.

Soupe au Pistou

Pistou soup is made with fresh vegetables and herbs that are abundant in southern France. This is a quick recipe that you can start making in just 15 minutes. You can find all of these ingredients at any local grocer or market. Make it as an appetizer for your next dinner party or have it as a light lunch on a hot summer day! It’s a favorite among tourists and locals alike!

Ratatouille- Best food

The best dish you can try in Provence is ratatouille. It’s a vegetable stew made with tomatoes, peppers, onions and eggplant. You can find it in most restaurants or make it yourself at home. This simple recipe has everything your body needs and provides enough nutrients to keep you satisfied until your next meal.


Whether you’re a newbie or an aficionado of French cuisine, you’ve likely heard of tapenade and its many incarnations. In addition to olives and capers, tapenade can also include anchovies (yum), fresh herbs such as rosemary and thyme, olive oil and sometimes even garlic. The texture can vary from coarse to smooth—some versions have you chop up all of your ingredients by hand whereas others suggest using a food processor for speedy preparation.

Historical Sites in Provence France:

The province of Provence is filled with many historical landmarks that range from Roman ruins and Medieval castles to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To visit all of these historically significant places would take you quite a while, but there are also other attractions in which you can immerse yourself, including outdoor activities and amazing local eateries.

Citadelle de Saint-Tropez – Musée d’histoire maritime

The Citadelle de Saint-Tropez is a small fortress in Saint-Tropez built by Cardinal Richelieu in 1635. Today it holds a museum of sea history and maritime archaeology. If you’re hoping to learn more about local shipwrecks and other naval lore, be sure to check out this interesting attraction. It also serves as an important piece of cultural heritage for those who want to explore deeper into Saint-Tropez’s roots. While you can visit anytime during business hours, your best bet for learning about naval history is on Sunday afternoons when English-speaking guides are available. Make reservations ahead of time if possible—the site often gets booked up months in advance!

Musee Departemental Arles Antique:

The Musee Departemental Arles Antique is a large museum filled with treasures from ancient history. It is one of two museums in town dedicated to classical antiquities, and it offers great insight into some of cultures that influenced early Rome. Located on Place Lamartine , it was built in 1883 and houses over 10,000 artifacts inside. This free museum can be visited throughout the week from 9 am until 5 pm.

And spend the rest of the evening in Arles

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