Where is the Mediterranean?

the mediterranean

Love to travel? Read on to find out more about the countries in the Mediterranean, its climate, lifestyle, and why it is a must-see destination. Of course, choosing to explore the Mediterranean is a vast undertaking. But, whether you decide to explore the African, European, or Asian part of the Mediterranean, there is plenty to see, eat, and enjoy.

There is always a dry summer climate that guarantees to enjoy fun coastal activities like swimming, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, taking walks on the sandy beaches, or simply exploring local neighborhoods.

Whether you choose to live in the Mediterranean region or visit for a short period, there is much to learn from the culture and lifestyle. As the Italian people say, “Dolce Far Niente” enjoys life sweetly doing nothing.

Countries in the Mediterranean

 The Mediterranean Sea borders 21 countries from three continents: Asia, Europe, and Africa. These are Cyprus, Albania, Croatia, Algeria, Spain, Egypt, France, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Montenegro, Malta, Monaco, Slovenia, Syria, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mediterranean Climate

The climate is characterized by dry summers and mild, wet winters. It derives its name from the fact that it is most common in the Basin.

Most coastal lands around the Mediterranean Sea experience this climate, a Koppen classification. It is located between 30° and 45° latitude north and south of the Equator, then on the western sides of the continents.

Mediterranean Lifestyle

The lifestyle is more than simply its diet. The lifestyle promotes living life to the fullest, eating a balanced diet, balancing work and life, and engaging in moderate exercise regularly. The ultimate lifestyle does not only hand you the secret to happiness but instead, living life the Mediterranean way ensures longevity, low-stress levels, and having active social support.

People in this region are friendly. The food is rich in nutrients that are great for the body. For instance, the diet is rich in grains, vegetables, olive oil, pulses, and moderate meats and fish. The lifestyle here promotes the idea of slow living.

You ought to take some time to appreciate your surroundings, the beauty, people, and food, and slowly enjoy life’s offerings. Read more about the Mediterranean diet here and here.

Why is it a Must-Visit Destination?

The greatest charms are the timeless natural beauty and the rich cultural heritage. So many visitors over the past centuries have come to the coast to experience the captivating sceneries, charming villages, panoramic views, and experience unique coastal cultures.

One of the reasons you must visit the Mediterranean is its unusual weather and ecosystem that support many distinct aquatic life species that you can only see in the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, 40% of the fish in this sea can only be found here, which makes visiting a must-do.

Delicious cuisines and wine. The irresistible tastes of this regions’ and the world-renowned wines produced in countries like Italy, France, and South Africa make it essential to add the Mediterranean to your bucket list. So savor the taste of great food and wine as you enjoy a quiet life during your visit.

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