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What is Mediterranean Street Food?

mediterranean street food

Just as there are French Cuisines and Italian Cuisines, there are Mediterranean cuisines. Mediterranean street foods combine the culinary cultures of several different countries. Mediterranean street food refers to ready-to-eat foods prepared or cooked and sold by vendors on streets or other public locations within the Mediterranean region.

Opting for fried food is a no-brainer when it comes to street food. When you are exploring the Mediterranean region, trying to take in as many sites as possible, the best thing to do is skip the fancy restaurants and grab a yummy walkable snack to pop in your mouth as you explore. There is no better way to appreciate a place’s cuisine than to try out a meal off the beaten path at stalls only locals.

Street food is often traditional food that has been in existence for generations reflecting on both local favorites and immigrant recipes without traditional recipes. There is no better way to learn about a people’s culture than trying out their street food and listening to tales about its origin and creation.

Street Food Dishes in Mediterranean Countries


When in Madrid, Spain, you should try out the Patatas Bravas, kebabs, pinchitos, or Jamon Iberico. Spain’s cuisine is diverse, with street food dishes like kebabs that originated from other places like Northern Africa, making the food rich in taste and culture.
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One of our favorite street delicacies at Gusta Pizza in Florence, Italy, is the Margherita pizza because it is crispy, cheesy, and stuffed with fresh vegetables like tomato and basil that enhance the flavor. It is a must-try.
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Are you thinking of trying out street food in Greece or Cyprus? The signature street delicacy in both countries is the grilled chicken gyros. They can be made using meat from chicken, fish, and pork. We opted for a to-go pita with grilled fish and loved every bite during our trip to Fira, Greece. Ready to pair your snack with some wine? Check out our guide to Greek wines.


When in French Rivera, France, try out George’s roll seafood. It is our go-to street food whenever we are on the Mediterranean coast. If possible always order olives when in the South and if you’re at the beach, there is a big chance that you will find roll cart beach sellers selling beignets filled with nutella or strawberry jams.
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Instead of going for the regular restaurant meal, opt to pick up a quick bite from a street cart while in Croatia. Our top pick is the opt for the meaty, cheesy cevapi and savor the taste of this distinct traditional delicacy.
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