Visiting the boot of Italy. Places you can’t miss

The South of Italy is a wonderful place to visit. Here are some places that you must see when visiting the boot of Italy.


Alberobello is a small town in the Puglia region of Italy. It’s a great place to visit for its trulli homes, which are cone-shaped houses made of stone and clay. Many of these unique buildings were built between the 16th century and 1920.

There are over 6,000 trulli homes in Alberobello, but only 2,500 remain today due to time and weather damage. You’ll find them along Via Fondo and Via Guerriera in this quaint village!

The underground caves of Castellana Grotte.

Castellana Grotte is a municipality in Apulia, Italy. It is located in the province of Bari and lies within the heart of the Castellaneta mountains.

The caves are easily accessible from all over Puglia, as well as Italy’s capital Rome and other major cities like Venice or Milan. If you want to go by car, take the A14 motorway that runs from east to west and then exit at Bari Nord (North). From there, follow directions toward Castellana Grotte using one of those big green signs along the way.

The entrance has been turned into an interesting attraction with several shops selling everything from local foods to fossils found inside the caves themselves! Once inside you can choose between walking tours or boat rides on underground lakes with crystal clear waters. Either way you choose will lead you through different chambers filled with stalactites and stalagmites as well as other forms that have taken millions of years to form!


The town of Trani is worth a visit. A beautiful town with a wonderful old town, you can easily spend a day or two there. The cathedral is also well worth seeing and the beach of Santa Maria di Leuca is not far away. But perhaps most important for visitors to this part of Italy is the fact that Trani has become famous for its olive oil production and delicious cuisine using it in all sorts of ways – one thing you must try if you visit here are the focaccia di Trani, which are absolutely delicious!

Trani was founded by Greek colonists around 600 BC as an outpost for their trading activities. Later it became part of the Roman Empire and was known as Brundisium until 1071 when it was conquered by Norman troops under Robert Guiscard (Count Roger II). This made it part of what later became known as Apulia (or Puglia), which today forms much of southern Italy from Taranto down to Bari near the Adriatic coast.

The beach at Polignano a mare

The beach at Polignano a mare is one of the most beautiful on the Adriatic coast. The white sand, crystal clear water and quiet atmosphere make it a perfect place to spend time with friends or family.

You can sunbathe under an umbrella or have fun in the waves and watch boats passing by. If you want to relax, try out one of the many massages offered by local spas near the beach.

Lecce, the most beautiful baroque city

You’ll find Lecce, the most beautiful baroque city in Italy, in the Salento region of Puglia. It’s a charming place with a large number of churches, palaces and other buildings in the baroque style.

The historic center of Lecce is filled with narrow streets, squares and architectural landmarks like the Duomo di Santa Croce (Cathedral), Palazzo Vescovile (Bishops’ Palace) and Teatro Petruzzelli. The city also has numerous museums where you can admire masterpieces from famous artists such as Luca Giordano.

Lecce is one of those places that are worth visiting just for its delicious cuisine! You just have to try some pastries like sfogliatella or cannoli di ricotta (ravioli filled with sweetened cheese), as well as local delicacies like fave d’anatra (duck beans) or lasagne alla norma (pasta baked with eggplant).

Matera, the city of stones

Matera is a town in the province of Matera, in Basilicata. It’s known for its ancient cave dwellings, and also for its rock churches. The city is built on top of a mountain—it’s important to note that mountains are not usually flat; they’re more like hills (but very tall).

the national park of Gargano and the Tremiti islands

  • The National Park of Gargano

Located in the province of Foggia, this park is the largest in Italy and one of the most beautiful. It includes a huge number of islands, including the Tremiti Islands (see below).

  • The Tremiti Islands

These small islands are located between Gargano and Monte Sant’Angelo, in Puglia. They are famous for their crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and historic sites such as Santa Maria della Grotta or San Nicola di Bari’s church on Capo di Specchiolla Island.

places you can’t miss in southern italy

Where to go:

  • Naples, Italy – A city that’s full of culture, history and fun. If you want to visit the birthplace of pizza (yes, it’s true), this is the place for you! It’s also home to the oldest university in Europe — so if you want some learning while you’re there, this is a great spot.
  • Amalfi Coast – This area has been around since Roman times (and I don’t think that was just because they were fans of pizza!). One thing that hasn’t changed: it’s still beautiful! You can see sea views from almost every vantage point in town — and enjoy some delicious seafood on shore or boat trips out into the water.


You will find many other places to explore. There are so many things to see and do in Southern Italy that you will never be bored. If you have the chance, make sure you visit this beautiful part of Italy!

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