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Visit Tuscany Hot Springs

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With all the beautiful scenery, delicious food, and rich history in Italy, it’s no wonder that tourists flock to this country. But did you know that Italy also has a wealth of hot springs?

The hot springs of Tuscany are a popular destination for travelers looking to indulge in luxury while exploring the region. The hot springs are located in several different towns throughout Tuscany, including Pisa and Florence. While they may look like normal pools from the outside, these pools are actually fed by natural underground springs that are heated by magma from volcanoes underneath the earth’s crust.

The waters of these pools vary dramatically depending on their location—some are clear and warm, others are milky white due to mineral deposits left behind by minerals in underground water sources. While some people visit these hot springs for relaxation purposes (they’re known for their healing properties), others visit them to swim or just hang out with friends!

Here are some of the best Tuscany hot springs

Bagni di Lucca

This is one of the most popular hot springs in Tuscany, known for its healing properties and its history as a Roman spa dating back to the 2nd century BC. The water here is also known for its clarity and purity, which makes it perfect for swimming as well as soaking in the natural pool.

Bagni San Filippo

This spa has been around since 1887 and features an outdoor pool with a waterfall and natural caves where you can bathe in the warm waters of thermal springs from Mount Amiata’s volcanic activity.

Terme di Saturnia

This hot spring is located in Tuscany (duh!) and has been around since Roman times. It’s still popular today because it offers both indoor and outdoor pools where you can relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you!

Terme di Montecatini

Head north of Florence to Montecatini Terme, where you can enjoy thermal pools at various temperatures (ranging from 39 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius). This area has been used as a spa since ancient times; today it’s a popular spot with locals and tourists alike.

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