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Tuscany Hills, nature and pittoresque villages

tuscany hills

Tuscany, Italy is a beautiful and breathtaking place to visit mainly due to the tuscany hills. It’s home to the most beautiful hills in all of Europe, as well as some of the most gorgeous villages and cities. Its history dates back to Ancient Rome, and it’s filled with culture that has been passed down for generations.

In this article, we’ll take a look at where exactly Tuscany is located, what makes it so special, and why you should start planning your trip now!

Where is Tuscany?

Tuscany is in central Italy on the western coast of the peninsula. It’s bordered by Liguria in the north, Emilia-Romagna in the east, Umbria in the south, and Lazio in the southeast. The Apennine Mountains run through its heartland while the Tyrrhenian Sea borders it on its western side.

The Tuscan Hills

The hills of Tuscany are formed by sedimentary rock made up of limestone and sandstone that was deposited during its formation millions of years ago. The province consists mostly of rolling hills but also includes some mountains like Mount Amiata at 2105 meters above sea level (6800 feet).

The hills of Tuscany are among the most famous in Italy, with their rolling green landscape and picturesque villages. The vineyards of Tuscany are also well known for producing some of the world’s finest wines, including Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino.

Tuscany’s rolling hills are home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Florence’s Ponte Vecchio Bridge as well as its Renaissance-era buildings like the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Palazzo Vecchio. Other sites include the Medici villas of Poggio a Caiano, Villa Gamberaia in Settignano, Villa La Petraia in Vicchio and Villa Torrigiani in Castelvecchio di Compito.

Getting to Tuscany by Plane

There are three main airports that service travelers heading to Tuscany: Florence (FLR), Pisa (PSA), and Rome (FCO). From these airports, you can easily take a train into the heart of Tuscany or rent a car to explore on your own schedule.

Getting to Tuscany by Train

The best way to get around Tuscany is by train! The region has several major train stations that connect all of the major cities within it; they’re also connected to each other by several intercity lines that run through smaller towns throughout the region as well. While trains are usually slower than flying or driving around Italy, they’re often much more convenient if you’re traveling with luggage or want an immersive experience of Italian culture while you’re away from home.

Towns in the Tuscan Hills


The town and region for Wine lovers

San Gimignano

A town built by fleeing Monks


On the top of the hill with a rich medieval history


The tiny round Tuscan town


The cradle of Tuscan Wines


The walls of this town protect it from the passing of time.

Colle di Val d’Elsa

The town between two valleys

What do you think?

villefranche sur mer

Villefranche-sur-Mer. The Pearl of the Riviera


Montepulciano; a town made for wine