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Tipping in Slovenia

tipping in Slovenia

When visiting the Mediterranean people often assume that tipping isn’t necessary because service and the price are already included in your bill. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Tipping in the Mediterranean, both at home and abroad, is an important part of their culture – and it should be yours too! 

Here are some tips on how to tip in Slovenia, as well as how much to tip and why you should take tipping seriously!

What is the proper tipping etiquette?

As in many other places around the world, tipping is quite common in several Mediterranean countries. It is customary to tip your waiter or waitress at a restaurant. As a guideline, 10% of your bill should be enough; 15% will show you were happy with service. Some businesses have even added fixed service charges to bills that are not optional.

General guidelines to tipping in Slovenia

In Slovenia, basically tipping is not required, even though you’ll probably get better service. But if you want to tip for exemplary service, leave something between 10% and 20%. Otherwise, it is rare that your server will chase after you for a tip. It just isn’t part of their culture.

Tipping for a taxi in Slovenia

10-15% of fare. If you take a private taxi, it is customary to round up to a Euro or two. If you are carrying luggage, it is common practice to give €1 per bag. You can also ask for change if your cab ride came out to exactly €2. Taxi drivers in Ljubljana are paid hourly like any other employee and they will do their best not charge more than they need to!

Tipping for a hotel in Slovenia

Tipping in hotels is not as common as in restaurants and taxis, but it is still a widespread practice. It’s not customary to tip taxi drivers or cleaning staff at hotels. So what do you tip hotel staff? Bellhops who help with luggage get around 1 euro. If you have a good experience, giving an additional 10% of your bill can be appropriate.

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