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Tipping in Italy

tipping in Italy

When visiting the Italy, people often assume that tipping isn’t necessary because service and the price are already included in your bill. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Tipping in the Mediterranean, both at home and abroad, is an important part of their culture – and it should be yours too! 

Here are some tips on how to tip in Italy, as well as how much to tip and why you should take tipping seriously!

What is the proper tipping etiquette?

As in many other places around the world, tipping is quite common in several Mediterranean countries. It is customary to tip your waiter or waitress at a restaurant. As a guideline, 10% of your bill should be enough; 15% will show you were happy with service. Some businesses have even added fixed service charges to bills that are not optional.

General guidelines to tipping in Italy

Most restaurants add a service charge to bills in tourist areas. You are not expected to tip further, but it is considered polite to round up the bill by a few euros. However, if you want to tip, leave cash on your table or hand cash directly to your waiter at the end of your meal. It’s not appropriate for staff to come and ask for tips – make sure you have enough small change for any tips you give.

Tipping in Italian restaurants

Tip a minimum of €1 per drink if you’re having coffee or gelato and €2-€3 if you’re eating a full meal. If you’re using valet parking, tip €1. Tip approximately 10 percent of your bill in bars/cafes and restaurants—especially on restaurant tabs over €50. It’s normal to round up in Italy, but not mandatory.

Tipping for a Taxi in Italy

You don’t have to tip your taxi driver, but if you like them or want to show appreciation for their services, it’s not uncommon to give anywhere from 2-10 euro depending on what city you are in. Some drivers may tell you that they don’t accept tips or only accept one (1) as a gift. However, many Italian taxi drivers take a small commission on each ride, so it would be unfair for tourists to drive around without tipping.

Tipping in a Hotel in Italy

Overall, tipping is not a big part of life in Italy. There are many high-end restaurants where it’s customary to leave a 5-10% tip if you’re happy with your service, but usually you won’t need to do so at cafés or bars. Many small businesses will even tell you not to tip them. At hotels it is optional to tip the cleaning maid.

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