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The Seaside at Himare Albania

himare albania

Himare is a seaside town in Albania. It’s known for its beaches, but there are also many other reasons to visit. Himare is known as a bilingual town as there are both Albanians as well as Greeks living there.

History of Himare

The town was first mentioned in written history in 1407, when it was called “Himar”. Its name means “coastal fort”. The area around himare has been inhabited since ancient times, and the remains of an Illyrian settlement have been found here. In the Middle Ages, Himare became a Venetian outpost called “Castrum Marinum”. The town fell into Ottoman hands around 1528 and was renamed “Himar” after the Turkish conquest. In 1872, the city was ceded to Montenegro as part of an agreement between King Nikola I Petrović-Njegoš and Mehmed Ali Pasha Bushatli (The Ottomans). After the First World War, Himar became part of Albania and its name was changed back to Himare.

Here are some reasons why you should visit Himare Albania

1) Stunning architecture – The city has a wealth of historical buildings, many of which have been preserved and restored over time. These include Orthodox churches and mosques, as well as Venetian houses and Italian-style villas built during the Italian occupation of Albania in World War II (1939-1943).

2) Friendly locals – The people are friendly and welcoming, making it easy for visitors from all over the world to make friends while they’re there!

3) Beautiful beaches – There are several beaches within walking distance from town—the closest ones being Bada Beach on Lake Shkodra and Murta Beach further down along the coast. Both offer pristine white sand and clear blue water that makes them perfect for swimming or snorkeling during warmer months (April–October). You can also drive a short distance to other beaches, such as Rrogozhine Beach and Narta Beach.

4) Lots of activities – There are many things to do in Shkodra besides swimming and sunbathing. You can visit the ruins of a castle built in the 6th century or explore one of its many churches like the Church of St. Mary’s (built from 1367-1385). If you like hiking, there are several trails throughout the city that will take you up mountainsides with beautiful views of Lake Shkodra below.

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