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Life in Abruzzo Italy


Famous for its diverse geography and slow Mediterranean lifestyle Abruzzo is a medieval region in the center of Italy. Looking to slow down time and settle in a friendly neighborhood with diverse scenery in Italy? Go to Abruzzo. Abruzzo is classic Italy with great food, good wine, art, culture, history, and so many hidden gems it’ll probably take you years to see all it has to offer. Abruzzo is the top choice!

Abruzzo is home to the undiscovered destinations of Italy, including; some of Italy’s most beautiful medieval towns, an Adriatic coastline, some UNESCO heritage sites, towering mountains, and an extensive cuisine that varies depending on where you choose to stay.

Merits of Slow Living in Abruzzo

Locals in Abruzzo are welcoming and hospitable and will receive you by sharing their traditions, especially the sense of slow living/ ‘dolce far niente’ sweet doing nothing. I remember moving to Abruzzo from the states back when I was thirteen like it was yesterday. Our neighbors were all so friendly to the point of being nosy.

Whether you prefer the great outdoors, a night at the theater, or simply a bocce ball game. Abruzzo is the ultimate destination. You can enjoy an evening of strolling and leisurely ‘passeggiata’ or a glass of wine before a meal. These are some of the oldest traditions in Abruzzi.

You could go to a velvet draped opera theater in one of the towns or enjoy the simple outdoorsy activities Abruzzi offers. These include; hiking, fishing, horse riding, mountain biking, going to a festival, or even going to the open market to buy your groceries. Abruzzo also has plenty of museums where you can laze around as you gaze at excellent artwork in nearly every town. Finally, of course, you could go to church too.

Abruzzo Cuisine and Wine

Cuisine in Abruzzo varies according to location. The region has preserved different recipes from the mountains to the Mediterranean coastline through Cucina Povera (peasant cooking). However, many eateries in Abruzzo prepare food the traditional way, as past generations did. Typical coastal cuisine includes seafood, while inland, mutton, pork, and goat dishes are popular.

You should try out arrosticini (thin mutton skewers) or alla chitarra (egg pasta), some popular dishes. Abruzzo produces the best of Italy’s world-renowned wine. Always have a glass with your meal as you savor the beauty of slow living.

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