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Lake Maggiore or Lake Como. Which lake will you visit next?

lake como or lake maggiore

The beautiful Italian lakes are some of the most famous and loved places in the world. Lake maggiore and Lake Como can both be found in northern Italy. Choosing between Lake Maggiore or Lake Como is very difficult! Lake Maggiore is slightly larger and less developed than Lake Como. However, both lakes are surrounded by gorgeous mountains and offer plenty of activities to keep you busy while you’re visiting.

The most beautiful lakes in Italy

The most famous lake in Italy is by far Lake Como. It is known for its surroundings with beautiful villa’s & vacation retreats, gardens and the views of Mount Cimone.
Lake Maggiore is considered the most beautiful lake in Italy. Surrounded by many medieval cities like Verbania and Stresa, with beautifyl historic museums and art galleries.
Let us not forget Lake Garda; the most popular destination for tourists. This because of the amount of activities you can do there. For example hiking trails through vineyards & olive groves, taking a hot air balloon ride over the mountains or paragliding over vineyards & olive groves with spectacular views from above including looking down upon Lake Garda itself!

Lake maggiore

Lake Maggiore is located in the north of Italy, and it’s the largest lake in Italy. It’s surrounded by mountains and has a shoreline of about 30 km long, as well as being 13 km wide at its widest point.

Lake Maggiore

Lake como

Lake Como is located in northern Italy, not far from the Swiss border. It’s known for its scenic beauty, including mountains that surround it on three sides and a number of small towns scattered along its shores. The lake is also a popular tourist destination among celebrities and other wealthy people who own villas or have homes nearby or on the lake itself. During summertime, you might see stars like George Clooney and Madonna vacationing at their villas here!

Lake Como

Both are beautiful.

Both lakes are beautiful, but Lake Como is smaller than Lake Maggiore. Lake Maggiore is in Italy and Switzerland while Lake Como is situated in Italy only.

Lake Como has a shape of an hourglass while Lake Maggiore is nearly round. The length of Lake Maggiore is 75km; its width is 77km and depth ranges between 20m and 120 m (66 feet to 377 feet).

So? Lake Maggiore or Lake Como?

I hope you enjoyed this post. I know how difficult it is to decide which lake is the best, but if you ask me they are both beautiful! So why not visit them both?

What do you think?

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