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Il Dolce Far Niente

il dolce far niente

Understanding Dolce Far Niente

Stop for a moment, breathe, and look around you. Life is beautiful. Now is the perfect time to do absolutely nothing. This is exactly what the Italians mean by it. Il Dolce far Niente literally translates to ‘sweetly doing nothing’
While the phrase can seem simple, a deeper understanding of ‘dolce far niente’ leaves one with the impression that it is more than just an expression.

il dolce far niente

One of the most remarkable moments of my childhood was the few minutes after dinner when all the adults would move to the patio with a glass of good wine, sit down and enjoy a moment of companionable silence. As a child, I did not understand how people could sit quietly. Nona always told me I could do “Niente,” meaning nothing. I did not have to always be up to something.

Il Dolce Far Niente meaning

The expression dolce far niente literary translates to sweet doing nothing. They’re three words – ‘dolce’ meaning sweet, ‘far’ meaning to do (far comes from the word fare), and ‘Niente’ meaning nothing. The idea is to do nothing and enjoy it.

The Italian phrase ‘dolce far Niente’ was made popular outside of Italy by the book and movie Eat, Pray, Love when two Italians tell the leading role about dolce far niente, the act of doing nothing. They criticize Americans for not knowing how to take pleasure in life.

Stop for a moment, breath, and look around you. Isn’t the world around you beautiful? Dolce Far Niente is a break that allows you to take a breather, refocus, and savor the moment.

Why Live Life Sweetly Doing Nothing?

Living life sweetly doing nothing is a Mediterranean lifestyle. What you get from enjoying the small pleasures is a longer, happier, stress-free life. You can relish simply being alive at the moment, taking in the buzz, relaxing, and enjoying yourself. It’s like learning to fall in love again.

It is not easy to explain. It is a profound unraveling and yet a smooth undertaking. It is not as simple as it seems. It could be taking pleasure in a bowl of pasta with a glass of the best wine at lunch or sipping a coffee outdoors as you let your thoughts meander as you take in the beautiful sunny weather. Time will seem to slow down, and you get the urge to smile as you think about the niceties of life.
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