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How is bread part of everyday life in France

how is bread part of everyday life in france

There is something about bread in France, especially the baguette, making it a world-renowned sensation. If you’ve been to France, you know that buying bread at one of the beloved boulangeries alongside the locals is an unmatched cultural experience.

Visitors often search for the best boulangeries to go to weeks before they arrive in France to experience the French-ness of the experience. For the French, bread is a staple, an essential for a balanced diet, and a sign of equality. It is a symbol of France for the rest of the world, a delectable experience.

Our first time in boulangerie was a simple yet emotional experience. Watching locals’ eyes light up at the sight of bread as the baker piled up some fresh bread filled us with excitement and eagerness to taste the bread. We felt like we were living our best lives, simply floating away in an endless dream for a few moments.

How is bread part of everyday life in France?

Every day in France, at least 83% of the population eats bread. Every second, at least 320 baguettes are consumed. The people that eat bread daily consume at least 130g of bread daily, making it 58kg annually! 86% of the French consider it essential for a balanced diet.

Once you are in France, you’ll find a boulangerie on every high street. The French like to share information about the best boulangeries in town and will go a long way to get bread from their favorites. Google Boulangerie near me from your location and walk there from your hotel.

Types of Bread in France

The most prevalent type of bread in France is the French baguette. According to the French Bread Law, the baguette can only be made using wheat flour, water, yeast, and common salt with no additives and no preservatives.

The government also decides the price of a baguette once every year to keep the price low. Beside the baguette, other popular types of bread are; pain de campagne, brioche, ficelle, boule, and croissant. Famous Mediterranean coastline bread added to Mediterranean cuisine are; fougasse, moussaka, and Fernand point.

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