The goal of the Website ‘In the Mediterranean” is to allow people to experience the Mediterranean countries and their wonders, but also to bring the Mediterranean home. We give them the best places to eat, but also give them the recipes, we give them the best beaches to go to, but also the stories that they remember once they leave their destination. We let them experience life in the Mediterranean without even being there.

We entertain them by letting them step into the Mediterranean, where life moves slower, where the sun shines 300 days a year and where dipping your toe in the water doesn’t feel cold or anguishing. In the Mediterranean there is peace, culture & relaxation.

Do you want to write for In The Med?

We welcome you to write for In The Med! Our platform is there for those who live in the Med or who have visited the Mediterranean and have exceptional memories and recommendations. Are you from France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia or Greece, or have you visited one of those countries lately? Please do submit your article and recommendations.


What we give to you

When you submit an article for In The Med and are added to our platform we promise the following:
-You as an author will get the credit for your piece, a backlink if you want this, and links to your social media & follower accounts.
-You as an author will get a mention in the social media post to our audience of +1500 readers.
-You can write about any area of interest, but we do ask you to focus on your strong suit and keep to the Mediterranean countries.
-If advertising opportunities appear, you will be asked to participate and compensated accordingly.

What you can submit

The options vary! We are open to many things. Mediterranean recipes that you have tried and trust, but also listicles like ‘my 10 favorite fish restaurants in the South of France’. You can share restaurant, hotel and trip recommendations, but also recommend itineraries or activities. In The Med also wants to promote the Mediterranean lifestyle; slow living and il dolce far niente, so please feel free to write articles about this topic too
Please refer to our existing articles to evaluate whether there is a fit!

What we expect from you

-Your article cannot involve plagiarism
-Your article cannot contain copyrighted images. Ideally you add your own photography but if that is not possible you can use unlicensed photographs from platforms such as pexels or unsplash
-Please make sure the article has at least 500 words
-Please keep away from profanity and if possible refer to our brand guidelines to ensure your article will be posted.

Rules of the collaboration

U using In the Med as your platform for expression also gives In The Med some rights
-Once the article is posted on In The Med, it will remain there, even if you decide to stop writing for us. We will not remove you as an author, unless you request this
-We are allowed to take your article offline or disapprove an article if it does not match our brand intentions
-We are allowed to share your article on our social media outlets and use it as sales material for advertising purposes.