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Best places to visit in Europe in winter


As the world prepares for what may be a mild winter, there are several places around the Mediterranean where the winter is always soft and mild. Where life does not move fully inside. Discover our best places to visit in Europe in December, January and February

Fan Favourite: Palermo in Winter

Palermo is Sicily’s capital and one of the best winter destinations in Europe. Did you know its also the fifth biggest city in Italy. Spending the winter in Sicily is easy as the winters are very moderate. The winds from Africa called Sirocco winds allow for warm breezes all winter long.

Even if the sun is not shining, Palermo is a city filled with culture, history and art. The prices are also moderate. We recommend searching for the cheapest Aperol Spritz while discovering the city.
Another last reason to visit Palermo in winter? There are way less tourists which make it a lot easier to visit the ancient Greek temples and Roman monuments.

Looking for a nature experience? Wake up early to do a sunset trek walking tour on Stromboli, Italy’s oldest volcano!- Not looking for a day in nature, but still want to go for a big walk? Take a city tour with a guide who can explain you all about the maffia influences in the city

Visit Europe in Winter : Christmas in Sevilla

Sevilla in Spain usually does not get colder than 10-12 degrees. However, it can get colder sometimes. When it does, this does not really lower mood as the local cuisine will keep you warm and happy.
Christmas is big in Spain, and in Sevilla there are many christmas markets. The monuments in Sevilla are romantic in winter and there is truly a different atmosphere than during the warm summers.

Visit Europe in Winter, January choice: Monumental Athens

If we’re completely honest, Athens is beautiful all year long. As capital of Greece, there are very many activities worth exploring. Though there is a larger chance of rain, the temperatures are still considerably mild. Use our guide to Athens to find a locals perspective on visiting this city.

If the weather gets a bit less good than expected, there are many beautiful museums in the city centre. For example the National archaeological museum and the Acropolis museum. In this way you can still enjoy Ahthens impressive history on cooler days.


Visit Europe in Winter, February favourite: Valletta, Malta

Visitors come to Malta to soak up the sun and swim in the warm seas that surround the archipelago, but there is so much more to Malta than the sand and sea that it is known for. Winter temperatures of 10–16°C are ideal for getting out and about in Valletta.

Valetta is a truly marvelous city and a UNESCO world heritage site. The history is impressive and on a cooler day we can recommend visiting the National War Museum. Oh and arrive with an empty stomache so you can enjoy the seafood there all day long.

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