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Art & Artisanal in Bonnieux


Visit Bonnieux in France

Bonnieux is a small town in Provence that’s well-loved for its distinct cultural character. It is a beautiful medieval village located in the Vaucluse region of France. The village sits on an elevated plain overlooking a river valley called the Calavon River Valley.
In the center of town is a large square called Place du 23 Novembre. This square has benches and cafes where people can relax and enjoy the area. The surrounding streets are lined with brightly colored buildings that have been restored over the years—some of them date back to the 13th century!

A rich artistic history

Bonnieux was established by the Romans as an important trading center for agricultural products. This included including olives, wine, and ceramics. The town’s name is derived from the Latin word “Bononia”, which means “good” or “high”. The Romans built a temple to Mercury, a Roman god of commerce, in Bonnieux. The Roman ruins are still visible today as well as many monuments from the Middle Ages like Notre-Dame de la Sainte-Baume (Our Lady of the Holy Grotto).

In 1247, Cistercian monks built a monastery in Bonnieux called Notre Dame du Chastel

The town itself has retained its authenticity with narrow cobblestone streets lined with restaurants, cafés, bakeries and wineries.

Art & Artisanal in Bonnieux

One of the most famous works of art in the area is the Santons de Provence museum. Santons are little religious figurines that are traditionally used to decorate manger scenes. This museum contains examples from all over France, as well as some old ones that date back to before 1789. There are also a number of unique exhibits about the art of santon making. There is even a workshop where visitors can see them being made by hand.

In addition to its artistic and cultural activities, Bonnieux is also known for its street markets and artisanal foods. This includes nougat (a sweet treat made from honey), tapenade (a type of olive spread), and sanglier (wild boar).

Whether you come here to visit one of the many museums, shops, or restaurants, or just to enjoy the quiet life and beautiful scenery of Bonnieux. You’re sure to have a great time.

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