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Arezzo, for medieval frescoes and art


Arezzo is one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. It’s located on top of a hill, so it’s hard to miss. It was a major center for trade and commerce in Medieval times. Nowadays, it’s known for its delicious food and wine. Is located in Tuscany, which means that it’s surrounded by beautiful vineyards. If you like wine or want to learn more about how wine is made, then this region is perfect for you!

If you’re looking for something to do while you’re in Arezzo, there are plenty of options! You can take a cooking class or sign up for a tour that shows you around town. There are also many museums in Arezzo where you can learn about the history of this amazing city.

The history of Arezzo

Arezzo has been inhabited since ancient times. The Etruscans were the first people to settle there. They built a fortress on the hill that rises above the city. Later, Arezzo came under Roman rule and became an important trading center. In fact, it was one of the most important cities in all of Tuscany during this time period!

The Etruscan city of Arezzo was conquered by the Romans in 296 BCE. They named it Aretia after the Etruscan name for the area. The Romans occupied Arezzo until 476 CE when the Ostrogoths took over and held it until 552 CE when they were defeated by Justinian I of Byzantium. After that, Arezzo was under Byzantine control until 751 CE when it fell to Pepin III of France during his invasion of Italy. Later on, in 1160 CE it became part of the Papal States under Pope Alexander III.

The Cathedral of Arezzo is one of the most important monuments in Tuscany. The building was begun in 1286 and completed in 1384, with major additions made later on. The façade is Gothic in style, while the interior is Romanesque.

In addition to its beautiful cathedral, there are many other interesting sites worth visiting


Grab a coffee at Piazza Grande

Visit Basilico de San Francisco to see the frescoes and San Domenico for the renaissance art

Go to the National Museum of Medieval and Modern Art to see the history for yourself

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