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A (very full) day trip to Verona filled with culture and history

Are you visiting Italy and want to make an exciting day-trip, in a city that you can easily visit on foot? Here’s an itinerary of one of the most romantic cities in the North: I’m not talking about Venice this time, I’m talking about Verona. The city is in Veneto and is known internationally for being the city of “Romeo and Juliet”, the characters of Shakespeare’s novel. In fact it hosts it hosts a 16th century building called “Juliet’s house”, with a delightful balcony overlooking a courtyard. The Arena di Verona, a large Roman amphitheater of the first century, hosts concerts and operas. But let’s see more in detail!

Verona Stop 1: Castelvecchio

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Start your itinerary walking through the castle called “Castelvecchio“. This is the most important military monument in Verona and dates back to the fourteenth century. Its brick red color and crenellated walls give it a truly majestic tone. It is complemented by the imposing towers at its four corners.

The splendid three-arched Ponte Scaligero which spans the Adige river, for about 120 meters, closes the access to Castelvecchio. The fortified bridge was historically built for the exclusive use of the della Scala family and its garrison. The entire castle was born from the family’s will to protect their city.

The civic museum in the area is also a great place to go to see the art history of the city. Spot the important works by Pisanello, Veronese, Tintoretto, Mantegna and other great artists.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 – 18:00 / closed on Monday
Cost of the Castelvecchio museum: € 6.00

Ponte Scaligero

Verona Stop 2: Piazza Delle Erbe

Piazza Delle Erbe is the oldest square in Verona and is surrounded by buildings showcasing the immense history of the city. Here we find the ancient Town Hall, the House of Judges and the Mazzanti Houses, with beautiful frescoes on the facades. Again, Palazzo Maffei with its baroque style and the Casa dei Mercanti, where the Banca Popolare di Verona is now based.

If you want to you can also visit “Torre dei Lamberti” (you can go up either by lift or on foot!)

Verona Stop 3: Piazza Bra and Arena

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Located in the historic center, Piazza Bra is the largest square in Verona and has four access routes: from the west via Rome, from the east via Pallone, from the south Corso Porta Nuova and via Mazzini from the north.

This square is overlooked by fabulous architectural works and historic buildings, such as the famous Arena di Verona, the Palazzo della Gran Guardia and Palazzo Barbieri (Town Hall). Furthermore, it has always been a place of leisure and nightlife: in particular the Liston (Venetian term to indicate a place to walk) is the sidewalk that surrounds the square and where, in fact, the Veronese meet at the weekend, for a pleasant walk.

The Verona Arena is the symbol of the city. It is an imposing Roman amphitheater which dates back to the 1st century AD. and its capacity is 12,500 seats (originally it could host up to 30,000!). Many events take place here, including the opera festival in the summer and concerts by the most famous national and international singers in the world.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 – 19:00 (Monday closed)

Cost: € 10.00

Verona Stop 3: Giulietta’s House

You cannot visit Verona in one day without visiting the balcony and Juliet’s house. Here you have the opportunity to “walk through” Shakespeare novel, reading some parts of the novel that are placed in the different rooms: something really suggestive.

The “more touristic” courtyard that houses it is entirely covered with padlocks, tickets and love graffiti and houses the famous bronze statue of Juliet. Be prepared for long lines to take a picture with her, but above all to be able to visit Juliet’s house and have the opportunity to look out from her balcony.

Some interesting information: the house was restored towards the end of the 19th century. In addition, in the arch of the entrance arch there is a Pellegrino hat, the coat of arms of the Capulet family. The interior of Juliet’s house was rebuilt inspired by medieval times and, in addition to the paintings, it houses a bed and two costumes used in Zeffirelli’s film “Romeo and Juliet”.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 – 19:00 (Monday closed)
Cost: € 6.00 / Tomb + Juliet’s House: € 7.00

Stop 4: Eat in Verona

There are lots of inns and taverns through Verona, where you can eat typical food staying near the more interesting places to visit. Here just some personal tips (but there is lots more!):

  • Tavern (for lunch or dinner): Osteria il Ciottolo – Traditional Veronese dishes served in a historic restaurant with outdoor tables.
    Corso Cavour, 39c, 37121 Verona VR – Closed on Tuesday (lunch) and Wednesday
  • For a coffee or ice break: Caffè Wallner
    Via Dietro Listone, 1, 37100 Verona VR
  • For a drink or appetizer: Via Roma 33 Café
    Via Roma 33, 37121, Verona VR
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Verona Day trip: Final Tips

N.B. If you are in Verona in April there is an annual and famous event called “Vinitaly: the international wine fair among the best known and loved in the world!

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Written by Claudia Spinato

Claudia, from Venice.
I've always been a passionate writer, the thing that makes me happiest in life is traveling. I started to share this passion writing some guides, to promote a conscious and sustainable way of travel. I promote a mediterranean and sustainable way of life on social media and writing articles, because I think that the most important thing is not only care about this thing, but also to share it with people. My motto is: "Experiences mean nothing if you don't have the words, or the ways to express them". Travel in a different way, making it conscious

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