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A short escape from Athens to Vouliagmeni


Looking to get out of the busy city of Athens then Vouliagmeni is the place for you. Vouliagmeni is a resort town in Athens, Greece. It’s known for its beaches, but it also has a rich history and culture that visitors will want to explore.

Near Athens

This neighborhood of Vouliagmeni is located just north of the city center and offers visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Athens.

What makes Vouliagmeni so special? The locals say it’s all about being in close proximity to nature without having to leave the city itself; there are beautiful views of Mount Hymettus from many places within this area. You can also enjoy some time at one of the nearby beaches or take advantage of all the activities available within this area including golfing, tennis courts and even horseback riding lessons for those who would like them!

History of Vouliagmeni

The first name of the village was “Pyrgos” (tower), because there were two towers built during the 19th century by Bavarian engineers who were working on the construction of a railway line between Athens and Nauplio. The name was changed to “Vouliagmeni” (which means windmill) in 1872, when a windmill was constructed at the entrance of the village.

The ancient city of Eleusis was located in Vouliagmeni, and is still visible today at the archaeological site of Eleusis. This site houses one of the most important religious monuments in Greece: the Temple of Demeter. The temple was built between 700 BCE and 600 BCE, with additions made later on by Roman emperors Augustus and Hadrian. It’s now open to visitors who want to see how this sacred place looked before Christianity took hold in Greece.

Relaxing in Vouliagmeni

The beaches are famous for their fine white sand and clear waters. There are also several hotels that are located near the beach area or within walking distance from it; guests can choose from these options depending on their budgets as well as their needs during their stay in Vouliagmeni. Some hotels offer swimming pools where guests can relax after spending time outdoors exploring this beautiful area!

There are two main beaches in Vouliagmeni: one called “Voulis” and the other called “Paralia.” Voulis is the more popular beach, with facilities like umbrellas, sun loungers, water sports, and restaurants. Paralia is smaller and quieter than Voulis, though it doesn’t have as many amenities either.

Culture in Vouliagmeni

The best part about Vouliagmeni is its cultural offerings: there are several museums in the area that tell stories about Greek history and culture! My favorite museum was called the Museum of Greek Folk Art & Tradition because it had so many interesting exhibits from ancient times.

There are also some great restaurants in Vouliagmeni if you want to try authentic Greek cuisine at affordable prices! My favorite place was called Osteria Porto Paradiso because they had delicious seafood pasta dishes (and they were very affordable too!).

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